About BRNV Studio

Since its conception, BRNV Studio has been breaking boundaries in innovation and creativity to produce stunning, sustainable pieces of work. From solving complex problems to setting fresh new trends, BRNV Studio is at the forefront of artistic innovation.

Vivee Barengo

The studio was born when Vivee Barengo, Founder and Creative Director, decided to merge her many years in the fashion industry with her work as an independent designer during the time spent at the Royal College of Art, which focused on sustainable product and space design in speculative realities. Her interest in alternative methods of production quickly crossed paths with a true appreciation for traditional crafts, resulting in BRNV Studio’s hybrid approach to design and manufacturing.

Our Story

From buying the first electric car in Turin to placing stickers on taps and light switches to save more energy, these small actions compound and developed Vivee’s conscious thinking that drives the mission for the studio today. It is also why it is no surprise that her first piece in her collection pays homage to her mother and her unwavering attitude towards sustainable actions. During the course of her master’s, Vivee was able to delve deep into speculative design and its application in real-world scenarios. Her Myco Bodhi project was an exploration of mycelium consciousness and how this might be applied to future sustainable architecture projects. The core idea of the subsequent speculations was that we could eventually create a world where plants, or fungi, in this case, would not only coexist with our most advanced technologies but thrive on each other in a self-sustaining ecosystem. Vivee believes that design has endless possibilities and opportunities. The studio enables this vision to be implemented.

Our Process


We understand the importance of bridging different perspectives, experiences and skill sets to develop designs that disrupt. Not only do we stress collaborative thinking within our team, but we actively integrate our client’s thoughts and interests into our design process to deliver a truly personalised and emotional experience.


From the suppliers of our material to the clients we serve, our belief in clarity and communication streams throughout our process, pushing end-to-end brand transparency.

Attention to Detail

To truly innovate we must push our own artistic skills and methodologies to the limit. Hard work, attention to detail and unwavering discipline come second nature to us, whilst our thirst for knowledge grounds our exceptional work ethic.

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