Our Process

At BRNV Studio, we think about every aspect when it comes to design. We're highly collaborative and transparent, but it's our attention to detail that sets us apart. Every artistic project is handled with extreme care, effort, and passion.


We place sustainability at the core of everything we do, often drawing upon it as a guiding compass to lay down strong foundations for all our designs.  Our expertise in sourcing unique, high-quality materials enables us to produce designs that are functional and best suited for high-end environments. Renewable does not mean perishable, and with our consistent focus on function, we are able to make sculptures built to last.


Led by artistic expression, each piece leverages unique sustainable materials to execute on innovative design.By adopting a transdisciplinary approach, we align to client preferences to produce designs that are fit for high-end environmentsOur luxury one-of-a-kind sculptures sit at the intersection of creative artistic expression and functional product design

General Enquires

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