Who We Are

At BRNV Studio we focus on producing beautiful artistic pieces that are sustainable, functional and timeless.

We adopt a transdisciplinary approach to creation which inspires one-of-a-kind sculptures deep-rooted in thought and innovation. Our obsession with unique materials pushes our design methodology forward, allowing us to break boundaries, resulting in distinctive designs that catapult you into the future.

BRNV Studio is determined to create thoughtful and unique objet d’arts while stimulating experiences for different environments and clients. By striking for the perfect balance between renewable materials and excellence in aesthetics, we drive our purpose forward, making sustainable choices not only accessible but desirable.

Our Work

We place sustainability at the core of everything we do, often drawing upon it as a guiding compass to lay down strong foundations for all our designs.  Our expertise in sourcing unique, high-quality materials enables us to produce designs that are functional and best suited for high-end environments. Renewable does not mean perishable, and with our consistent focus on function, we are able to make sculptures built to last.


Our collections showcase our artistry and creativity. Discover how we have utilised sophisticated techniques to transform innovative, sustainable materials into beautiful works of art.

Bespoke Pieces

At BRNV Studio, we work with clients to meet their vision for their environment. Our bespoke service allows clients to choose from a range of signature structures and adjust these to fit their specific needs thus producing a piece, truly unique to them. From consultation to delivery, we walk with you step by step to provide you with a personalised experience like no other.

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