This artwork piece is a beautiful representation of the growing relationship between Vivee and her sister Micol. It explores the idea of introspection while embracing the flaws that make us unique individuals. Referred to as different sides of the same coin, Vivee has always been inspired by the inherent qualities of her sister, which compliment her own shortcomings.The use of bronze elements representing clouds symbolises the personal insecurities of both sisters. These insecurities are only peaking, illustrating that they are a part of who they are. The artwork acts as a beautiful representation of the complexities of the human experience and how embracing our insecurities can ultimately lead to growth and self-acceptance.The night-time scene portrayed in the artwork adds a layer of depth to the piece, as it is often during the quieter hours of the night that we are able to reflect on our lives and ourselves. The moon, which is reflected in the mirror, is a symbol of change, growth, and renewal. It represents the cyclical nature of life and how we are constantly evolving as individuals.

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At BRNV Studios, we believe that clients should not have to choose between luxury and sustainability. That's why we work with a range of innovative green materials to produce our stunning pieces of work. For our Micol the Mirror piece, we chose Respet, a material that recycles plastic water bottles into luxury components using a process of fragmentation, purification, and extrusion. We carefully leveraged this material to create a design that not only complemented our artistic vision but also added to the functionality of our product.

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