Based on Vivee Barengo's mother, Tricci is an artistic piece that not only symbolises confidence, creativity, and strength but is also a window into the mind and memories of Vivee herself. From the look and feel of the marble that resembles the floor of the kitchen inside her childhood house to the quirky, free-flowing patterns of bronze that represent her mother's easy-going nature, The Vessel encapsulates the warm, nurturing environment that Tricci built for her daughter.It's a piece that pays homage to her grounded nature while actively pursuing challenges against the norm. It symbolises the very essence of our values and is the foundation of everything we do. Tricci's unwavering approach to sustainability, her innate sense of curiosity, and her ability to grow and develop all shaped Vivee's own character and paved the way for BRNV Studio.

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All of our materials are responsibly sourced, resulting in sustainable and stable artistic results. Tricci, The Vessel, is built from 100% natural stone from Norway, made of Larvikite and Anorthosite. Crafted by nature millions of years ago, this exceptional stone combines unique aesthetics with durability to give our piece a beautiful and timeless quality.

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