Isa & Belle

The "Isa" and the "Belle" are two artistic pieces derived from the name of Vivee Barengo's grandmother, Isabella. These pieces serve as a tribute to the great qualities that Isabelle possessed and also represent Vivee's personal emotions towards her. The vases, each with its own unique design, represent two distinct sides of Isabelle's personality, and also symbolise Vivee's own desire for more time with her grandmother, who passed away too soon.The curved ridges on the vases symbolise the softer side of Isabella's character, representing the love, care, and affection that she radiated towards those around her. The warm hug-like feeling portrayed through the ridges, evokes a sense of comfort and nostalgia, reminding Vivee of the precious moments that she shared with her grandmother.Isabella shared many of the same qualities as her sister Scilla, who served as the inspiration for another piece in the collection, "Scilla, The Lamp". Isabella possessed a strong exterior while maintaining a sense of empathy and curiosity that kept her graceful and grounded. Vivee drew from these qualities, using them as a foundation for the aesthetic of this piece. She leveraged various shapes and carvings to distill these complex emotions into a beautiful piece of emotional artwork.Incorporating personal emotions into art is a challenging task that requires creativity and a deep understanding of one's feelings. The "Isa" and the "Belle" vases are perfect examples of how art can be used to preserve memories and pay homage to loved ones. The vases are not just aesthetically pleasing, but are also a representation of Vivee's personal journey and her connection to her grandmother. Overall, the "Isa" and the "Belle" vases are a beautiful and touching tribute to Isabella, a beloved grandmother who left a lasting impact on Vivee's life. The vases serve as a reminder of the importance of family, love, and the memories that we hold dear.

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To design shapes that take on complex forms, we sought innovative methods to sculpt from sustainable resources. We partnered with Forust to work with lightweight wood components derived from two waste streams: sawdust and lignin. The high-quality recycled material, combined with the precision and speed of their 3D printing, allowed us to develop a unique design that best represented our artistic vision.

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